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Established by professionals with more than 20 years experience on foreign trade market. Loggie offers solutions for planning, managing and logistics on foreign trade operations.
Our experience, when added to our business partners, allow us to supply and accomplish any enquiry related to operations, logistics and international business.

Loggie Services
Loggie Services

With extensive experience promoting business opportunities on imports in the global market, we assist our customers developing new products and purchasing raw material or equipment.
Thus providing assistance on all the business steps, whether commercials, tax or logistics.

We assist our customers looking for new products, raw material or equipment. This strategy may bring innovation to your business, offering more attractive prices than the domestic market ones.
Before starting a new business abroad, it is crucial to carry out a complete study with all the procedures involved (tax and administrative barriers, tax burden and its legal specifications). Loggie offers a real simulation with the merchandise costs based on concrete data, providing the best strategy to move on the process, avoiding future inconveniences.
The evaluation of new suppliers is the most effective tool to offer safe on import process. The supplier’s plant general information, certifications, productive process, and special requirements from the customers are verified, among others.
The pre-shipment inspection is the most effective method to ensure the quality of the order, offering the importer safety regarding the compliance of it. Our inspections provide the needed information, documented in photos and videos for helping the decision on the goods shipment feasibility. The verified topics are related to quantity, manufacturing/functionality defects, product specifications (size, weight, etc.), packing, etc.
Loggie Services

Our main focus is the furniture exporting, offering appropriate solutions and fitting each customer’s company profile, aiming satisfaction and safety in foreign trade.
A commercial department with great experience promoting worldwide business, enabling opportunities in the global market.

Loggie Services

Loggie offers the best logistics solutions. We are reference in safety, agility and on time services concerning your cargo, besides assuring highly competitive prices.
Our accredited agents speed up the import/export processes at borders, generating convenience and stillness for customers.

Counting on solid partnerships enables Loggie offers to its customers the best road freight in the market. Whether on imports or exports, we assure the best quotations, furthermore offering safety and on time service to your cargo.
Through our accredited agents strategically located in other countries, we are able to offer the best sea freight opportunities, ensuring quality, agility and economy.
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